Wide ranging and innovative learning

Our wide-ranging curriculum aims to engage our pupils in an enthusiastic and active love of learning. To intrinsically motivate our students; we promote a positive work ethic, encouraging young people to work hard to make this, and every day, count.

We believe that it is very important for our curriculum to be enhanced by visits out of school to places where children can experience learning in a different place or can experience things for real first hand, rather than just researching from secondary sources.

As well as learning in the classroom setting, our children have access to a wealth of learning opportunities within the Minster itself, within the precinct of the Minster and the Minster’s Learning Centre.

Our children take part in historic events such as the enthronement of the Archbishop of York, studying real historic documents in the Minster archive or learning first hand art and design technology with a stone mason or the Minster’s Director of Work and Precincts.

Out of school learning opportunities are an important and regular part of the timetable.  These include both day trips and residential activities. At the upper end of the Prep there are residential field trips both in the UK and in France which allow a lot of cross curricular activities to be covered.  Recent activities have have included, Year 3 visiting the Yorkshire Museum and Year 4s participating in a Victorian Day at Ryedale Folk Museum (complete with historical costumes).

We also create opportunities for distinguished visitors and experts in their professional fields to come into the school and share their knowledge, expertise and experience with the children and subject themselves to a lively Q&A sessions with our young and curious minds!